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Deccan Chronicle implicates Sraddhalu Ranade

December 22, 2014 Leave a comment

Sisters victims of Sri Aurobindo Ashram squabble

From the article:

Senior ashramites claim that Jayashree Prasad and her younger sisters were misguided by another ashramite, Sraddalu Ranade, who has been fighting the trust for years.

“Sraddalu and his associates are responsible for driving the sisters and their old parents to the point of suicide. They have been trying to damage the image of the ashram for several years,” claimed one senior ashramite.

Senior ashramites claim that Jayashree Prasad and her younger sisters were being advised by another ashramite, Sraddalu Ranade, who has been fighting against the ashram trust for several years, demanding that it be dissolved, citing mismanagement.

“Sraddalu and his associates are responsible for driving the sisters and their aged parents to the point of suicide. They have been trying to damage the image of the ashram for the past several years. First, they went ballistic against the biography of Sri Aurobindo written by American Peter Heehs claiming that it portrayed the ashram and its guru in a bad light. When they could not succeed in this, they forced these sisters to make allegations of sexual harassment. They have also filed a case in the Supreme Court, seeking dissolution of the trust and the ashram. We have to wait and see what their next move will be,” the senior ashramite said.

When this newspaper tried to contact Sraddalu Ranade at his home just a few blocks away from the ashram premises, his mother Sadhana, also an inmate of the ashram since 1968, said he was away on a tour to lecture on the teachings of the guru. “My son came here when he was just six months old and is a product of the ashram and its school. He has been fighting against the present members of the trust as there has been gross mismanagement and several complaints of sexual harassment. There are at least 100 cases being fought against the ashram management in various courts across the country. If they have done nothing wrong, why are so many cases filed against them?” asks Sadhana. “We have only been fighting to preserve the sanctity of this ashram and its glory.”


Auroville Today report on Ashram Affairs

October 26, 2013 Leave a comment

A PDF of this report, which appeared in the October 2013 issue of Auroville Today, is available at this link. The text is also available here.

New Site: The Lies of Sraddhalu Ranade

May 2, 2013 Leave a comment

As we just learned from a recent comment, the central hub of lies about The Lives of Sri Aurobindo, known as TLOSA and more fittingly as CHOLATLOSA, has met its match in a new site called TLOSR — The Lies of Sraddhalu Ranade. We wish the creators of this site all the spiritual and moral strength required to expose this prolific Master of Deception.

Light and Darkness

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Dear Fellow Trustees,

It has come to my knowledge that certain mischievous rumours are being circulated in the Ashram community and on the Internet by vested persons with regard to my desire to resign from my position as a trustee.

In our meeting on Monday, 7th January, 2013, when you had all come to my residence, I had already expressed to all of you my reasons for wanting to step down from my position. I wish to reiterate in writing now that the only reason I would like to resign is because of my advanced age and increasing physical incapacity. Under the Circumstances, it is only proper that I step down and make way for someone who would be able to take up this responsibility in due course. Continuing to carry the burden of this obligation would not be fair to my physical condition .

Kindly do not pay heed to persons who are spreading perverse rumours to the contrary, and please enlighten those who are spreading such lies.

You had requested me during the meeting held on 07.01.2013, whether it would be possible for me to continue holding my office until the end of February, which is sacred for us due to the Mother’s Birth Anniversary. I shall surely accede to your request and I hereby inform you once again that my resignation may be accepted on 28.02.2013. I had also signed the Minutes dated 07.01.2013 wherein I had confirmed that my resignation may be from 28.02.2013

Finally, I wish to thank each one of you for the love, affection, and respect you have given me all these years that we have worked together. I will always cherish the warm and harmonious relations we have shared.

With kind regards,

Albert Patel


View the original letter

Dear Fellow Malcontents,

The Trust Board of the Ashram Trust is scrambling for damage control following the conscientious resignation of the senior-most Trustee of the Ashram, Albert Patel.

At first the Trustees begged Albert-da not to resign. When they found him adamant, Manoj Das Gupta, the Managing Trustee, put great pressure on him to sign a second letter of resignation where he would declare his resignation on grounds of “loss of memory and ill-health”. This is a dangerous trick that he has played with others earlier, but which everyone sees through now.

Failing all these options, Manoj Das Gupta has now ordered his men to spread the word that Albert-da is resigning only in March and not before.

Meanwhile the Trustees are in a desperate search to find a suitable successor. But this is not an easy task any more. To begin with, any successor must be someone who will swear personal loyalty to Manoj Das Gupta as against Sri Aurobindo….

But therein lies the rub. Although there are enough people waiting to serve the Trustees in their abuse of Sri Aurobindo, none of them is keen to go to jail with them! …After all selling one’s conscience is easier than going to jail for life.

Albert-da may well turn out to be smartest of them all.

With vicious disregard for Truth,

Sraddhalu Ranade and diverse aliases


Albert-da’s resignation: Bulu clarifies

January 20, 2013 Leave a comment

Recently some of our readers were blessed with an email from the “General Editor” of CHOLATLOSA (the Central Hub Of Lies About TLOSA) screaming “Enough of Falsehood – Ashram Trustee resigns!”  It went like this (abridged to minimize the production of stomach acid): This morning saw high drama in the Board of Trustees of the Ashram Trust. In the general backdrop of the ongoing Probe of criminal actions of the Trustees … Their well-wishers and advisors have warned them repeatedly that if they do not solve their problems in-house they will surely end up in jail. And their time is not far … under pressure of his own conscience, this morning Albert Patel, the senior-most Trustee of the Ashram Trust, submitted his resignation to the Trust Board… The email included three congratulatory comments from the insufferable RY (“Bye Bye”) Deshpande.

On January 17, 2013 Bulu posted the following message to the SAICE Alumni Yahoo Group. (See here and here for context)

Dear A.,

While you are finding out the real facts behind Albert-da’s letter of resignation, I too have carried out my little exercise doing the same. In fact I met Albert-da this morning at his office and was greeted by his usual bright smile; the same unchanging smile that I am used to since I had known him as a little kid in green group…

I told him the purpose of my visit and wanted a private audience with him. He said I could ask him whatever I wanted and that there was no need of a private audience. I told him about the disturbing rumours floating about surrounding his unexpected resignation.

“What rumours?” He asked.

“All sorts” I replied “It is alleged that you have objected to the SAAT’s stand on Peter’s TLOSA, the court case as a result, the managing trustee’s high handedness etc.” I said

“Oh you mean the rumours being spread by Sraddhalu on his website? They are all rumours and totally false. They are trying to divide the board of trustees by their actions but they will fail.” He said

“But then why did you resign? To some people it seemed very abrupt” I said

“Look, I am 90 years of age and my physical health is taking its toll; that is why I thought of it (resigning). There is nothing very abrupt about all this. Besides, my letter of resignation has not been accepted by the board of trustees so I am still continuing in my full capacity as a trustee” He said

“Some people say that your letter was very short and curt and feel that there must be more to it” I said

“Everyone is free to speculate whatever they want to, I can’t stop that. You have known me since you were a little kid, was I ever a man of many words???” He said

“Albert-da, you have clarified all the questions I have raised. Could I, with your permission, share it with others?” I asked

“Of course” He said emphatically. A man of few words indeed…

As I was turning to go, he called me back, drew out a blessings packet with Sri Aurobindo’s photo from his purse and gave it to me.

“Don’t be so worked up, He will take care of all these things. Leave it to Him” He said with his ineffable smile and a twinkle in his eyes…

As I walked out, I felt tangibly that a burden had been lifted off my shoulders. There was new spring in my steps and an unassailable confidence that the people who specialise in spreading falsehood about Sri Aurobindo, the Mother and the Ashram or their evil collaborators in far off continents can never ever succeed.



Ashram responds to MPs

October 19, 2012 2 comments

Earlier this year the website of Raman Reddy and Sraddhalu Ranade announced that 68 Members of Parliament (MPs) had written to the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust seeking clarifications of what they alleged was the “mismanagement of the Heehs affair.” About a month later, in July 2012, the Ashram responded to those MPs. Our friends at Well-wishers of Sri Aurobindo Ashram have now made public a copy of that response. It dispels the myths and lies that Sraddhalunatics, Inc., have fed to those MPs. A scanned copy of the Ashram Trustee’s letter has also been made available, along with numerous annexures.

Excerpts from the letter:

Sri Aurobindo Ashram must keep in mind that all its actions must stand the scrutiny and the test of Time and must be fully in conformity with the all-embracing and global Vision of Sri Aurobindo. To abandon oneself to the heat and the excitement and agitation of the moment or to get coerced into taking some action simply because that appears to be the most tangible populist solution immediately available, would be inconsistent with the Truth that Sri Aurobindo represents….

[O]ur action too must take into consideration that the appeal of Sri Aurobindo transcends the national and provincial borders and consequently persons with different backgrounds, different cultural orientations and individuals representing different shades of personality, all have an equal claim to perceive themselves as being followers of Sri Aurobindo. Sri Aurobindo cannot be restricted and confined within the limits of any dogma or school of thought or boundaries that trivial human preferences might like to impose upon his personality and Vision….

The Ashram’s position has been straight and clear from the very beginning: the Ashram is not an organization promoting any kind of fundamentalism or standardized conformism. Each individual should engage himself in a personal quest for spiritual Truth and find his own path which would be best suited for his own inner development. No one is entitled to impose his or her personal preferences or predilections upon others. It cannot be emphasised sufficiently that Sri Aurobindo Ashram is a spiritual institution and not a conventional religious organisation – something that has been stated on innumerable occasion by The Mother Herself and which is also a position that has been confirmed by the Supreme Court in the famous Mittal Case….

Having failed in the Court of Law and in order to coerce the Ashram to support their stand, these litigants then staged a week-long dharna along the Ashram Main Building from the 1st of January 2012. The Dharna was a pitiable sight with hardly anybody attending it. Further the Ashram has received letters from some devotees who apologised that they had been tricked into sitting there because they were misinformed that this is only a meditation session and that at the end of it The Mother’s Prasad would be distributed…. Having failed in this attempt, the same organisers brought hired crowds mainly from Orissa [some of whom] did not even know as to why they had come or what for they were sitting in the Dharna….

We once again assert that as an institution the Ashram is neither against nor in favour of the book. These matters are best left to the taste and judgment of each individual. But the Ashram upholds the right of any author to pursue his independent approach.