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Some unanswered questions

December 19, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

In a recent blog post, Well-wishers of Sri Aurobindo Ashram point out the following unanswered questions:

During the last few years, the court case initiated by the Prasad sisters more than a decade ago seemed to gain importance for the anti-Ashram elements who started relying heavily on the outcome of the sisters’ case in order to find fault with the Ashram authorities, at any cost. This became more and more evident as many of the other anti-Ashram initiatives were failing one after the other. All of a sudden, the Prasad sisters seemed to have found all the support that they needed to propel their case all the way to the Supreme Court. Not only was there a renewed sense of aggression in the camp of the Prasad sisters and their anti-Ashram comrades [witness the launch of their website in mid-October 2014, complete with posts dating back to 2001], but their armory seemed to have no limit as well. Literally out of the blue, the Prasad sisters had the country’s top most law firm defending their case and representing them in court. The sisters who all along claimed that they didn’t have any financial resources, not even to travel to Delhi to attend the court’s proceedings, had lawyers that cost thousands of dollars per hearing arguing for them. Simultaneously, the one-sided version of their stories featured prominently in magazines such as the Tehelka, drawing attention at the national level. Even some politicians with connections to the anti-Ashram elements, local and from afar, seemed to be interested to bat for the Prasad sisters. For the Prasad sisters it must have been like waking up one fine day after a long slumber and finding that they were on the verge of winning the lottery! Thus, despite the euphoria that they were fed for the last few years by those who were propping them up, when at last it became evident that no matter what they did, their case that was borne out of spite and personal vendetta, was doomed to fail, their elation must have taken a sharp u-turn and plummeted into the depths of desperation.

The numerous twists and turns of the case of the Prasad sisters thus conceal a lot of the answers that people must be asking themselves. For instance:

  • Have those anti-Ashram elements who invested significant resources in the court case of the sisters, stepped forward to help and reassure the sisters to live a dignified life after the Supreme Court had no choice but to order the sisters to leave the Ashram?
  • Were the sisters useful to the people who were supporting them only for as long as their court case had some utility for them?
  • Who are these people who supported the five sisters for their court case against the Ashram, but who are faceless, nameless and apparently heartless enough to have not done the needful to dissuade the sisters from the taking some of the most unreasonable steps?

In their warning and threat to commit suicide, the Prasad sisters had clearly spelled out their intention to cause as much harm as possible to the Ashram. The sisters had threatened: “We are also going to leave suicide notes naming all of you [trustees of the Ashram] and many others concerned, all of whom are responsible for constraining us to end our lives. Our suicide notes will cause adverse repercussions on the Ashram community as a whole and most specifically on all the persons named therein.” The proposed suicide of the sisters, with the intention to cause damage to the Ashram would have suited the anti-Ashram elements who had supported the sisters’ attack against the Ashram.

  • Could the sisters have been directly or indirectly encouraged to take their extreme, suicidal step?
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