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Light and Darkness

January 30, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments
Dear Fellow Trustees,

It has come to my knowledge that certain mischievous rumours are being circulated in the Ashram community and on the Internet by vested persons with regard to my desire to resign from my position as a trustee.

In our meeting on Monday, 7th January, 2013, when you had all come to my residence, I had already expressed to all of you my reasons for wanting to step down from my position. I wish to reiterate in writing now that the only reason I would like to resign is because of my advanced age and increasing physical incapacity. Under the Circumstances, it is only proper that I step down and make way for someone who would be able to take up this responsibility in due course. Continuing to carry the burden of this obligation would not be fair to my physical condition .

Kindly do not pay heed to persons who are spreading perverse rumours to the contrary, and please enlighten those who are spreading such lies.

You had requested me during the meeting held on 07.01.2013, whether it would be possible for me to continue holding my office until the end of February, which is sacred for us due to the Mother’s Birth Anniversary. I shall surely accede to your request and I hereby inform you once again that my resignation may be accepted on 28.02.2013. I had also signed the Minutes dated 07.01.2013 wherein I had confirmed that my resignation may be from 28.02.2013

Finally, I wish to thank each one of you for the love, affection, and respect you have given me all these years that we have worked together. I will always cherish the warm and harmonious relations we have shared.

With kind regards,

Albert Patel


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Dear Fellow Malcontents,

The Trust Board of the Ashram Trust is scrambling for damage control following the conscientious resignation of the senior-most Trustee of the Ashram, Albert Patel.

At first the Trustees begged Albert-da not to resign. When they found him adamant, Manoj Das Gupta, the Managing Trustee, put great pressure on him to sign a second letter of resignation where he would declare his resignation on grounds of “loss of memory and ill-health”. This is a dangerous trick that he has played with others earlier, but which everyone sees through now.

Failing all these options, Manoj Das Gupta has now ordered his men to spread the word that Albert-da is resigning only in March and not before.

Meanwhile the Trustees are in a desperate search to find a suitable successor. But this is not an easy task any more. To begin with, any successor must be someone who will swear personal loyalty to Manoj Das Gupta as against Sri Aurobindo….

But therein lies the rub. Although there are enough people waiting to serve the Trustees in their abuse of Sri Aurobindo, none of them is keen to go to jail with them! …After all selling one’s conscience is easier than going to jail for life.

Albert-da may well turn out to be smartest of them all.

With vicious disregard for Truth,

Sraddhalu Ranade and diverse aliases


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