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Lest we forget…

Aurofundamentalism has re-published an historic letter to the Trustees of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram written early in September 2008, with annotations.

Psychiatrist Dr. Alok Pandey led the way in inventing the myth of the book’s “diabolic” intent. The demonization of the author was readily accepted by devotees and quickly became a part of Aurobindonian mythology. The emotionalism aroused by the efforts of Pandey and others soon stifled the possibility of intelligent discussion. In subsequent e-mails he resorted to other tactics of dehumanizing the enemy, accusing Heehs of finding a road to fame through the “sewage pipe” and likened those who appreciate his work to “rats and moles” and “bandicoots and lizards and serpents.” Employing such subtle methods of argument, reminiscent of the rhetoric of Nazi anti-Semitic propaganda, Pandey used his prestige and abilities to contribute to the creation of an atmosphere of hysteria in the Ashram, destroying Heehs’s reputation and disrupting the work of the Archives.

Read his annotated letter.

  1. siva
    August 28, 2012 at 8:30 pm

    Let us not forget that Alok Pandey is Vijay Poddar’s right hand at SAIIIHR. AP is SAS’s plant in the Ashram to harvest souls on behalf of the SAS which he has been doing in a systematic manner. Lately AP has even been taking oriya lessons so that he may have access to the large numbers of “bhaktas” from orissa in an attempt to increase his vote bank. AP is known to try to run with the hares and hunt with the hounds with his brand of double-speak. He says that he is against the court cases against the Ashram but then he is cozily in bed with SR & Co. He thinks that he can keep contradicting himself and we’ll all accept his words for what they are. But what AP doesn’t know is that he is helping people like us in exposing the ugly underbelly of the SAS. Before he knows it, AP will find that his stay in the Ashram will no longer be tenable. Circumances will be such that he will realize that it is in his best interest to slowly disappear out of the scene. He came in slyly and so he shall leave.

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