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Onagrocracy: the Future of the Ashram?

As reported in our last post, our History Desk has established that the campaign against Heehs and his biography was in fact designed from the start as a means to attack the Trustees and with a view to revising the Trust Deed.

One may wonder what form of administration the Ashram will get should Ranganath and Co. have their way.

Will it be one of Aristotle’s classic three: tyranny, oligarchy, or democracy?

Or will it be onagrocracy (literally “government by braying asses”), a term coined by the Italian philosopher Benedetto Croce (February 25, 1866 – November 20, 1952) to describe Benito Mussolini’s fascist government. (Fascism is to politics what fundamentalism is to religion.)

Onagrocracy is related to “onager” (Equus hemionus), a large member of the genus Equus of the family Equidae (horse family) native to the deserts of Syria, Iran, Pakistan, India, Israel and Tibet. It is also known as the Asiatic wild ass, Asian wild ass, or wild Asian ass.

In other words, will the future administration of the Ashram look like this:

You say! Voting closes on August 15, 2012.

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