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New site: Aurofundamentalism



This site has been created out of deep concern about the possible future impacts of the campaign against The Lives of Sri Aurobindo, against its author Peter Heehs, and against the Trustees of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram.

We fear that if this movement against Heehs and the Trustees is allowed to continue, it might corrupt and delay the fulfilment of Sri Aurobindo’s work by turning his Integral Yoga into a fundamentalist religion. At worst it might — to quote from a letter that Sri Aurobindo wrote in 1934 — reduce his work “to a pompous farce from which the Truth that was coming down recedes into secrecy and silence.”

If this movement succeeds, who would dare speak or think freely about Integral Yoga, about Sri Aurobindo or the Mother, indeed about any topic at all, for fear of bringing righteous wrath, mob violence, or even a lawsuit, down upon oneself?

Most of the texts available here were originally published around March/April 2009 at a site called Religious Fundamentalism and Integral Yoga, where they might easily be overlooked among an abundance of information offered. These texts are more relevant than ever, since many of the fears they expressed have turned out to be wholly justified. They are reproduced here because of their keenly penetrating and indeed prophetic insight into the issues raised by this fundamentalist campaign.

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