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Prof. Manoj Das

H. Acharya, prolific commenter at Lies about the Lives of Sri Aurobindo, recently wrote that

Sri Manoj Das, eminent scholar and himself a former trustee of the ashram, had declared ‘the book as extremely damaging to Sri Aurobindo ad his ashram’.

Our fellow bloggers at Well-wishers of Sri Aurobindo Ashram just published a letter by a devotee from Orissa that sets the record straight. A few excerpts:

The summary of what Manoj Babu told us in a sad voice is that he had lost faith in people whom he thought to be intellectuals and broad-minded. Not that they had ceased to be intellectuals, but they were under a terrible force of falsehood when they prided themselves to be defenders of Sri Aurobindo…

Manoj Babu is a disappointed man. He said, “If this is the nature of the educated devotees, if a book which is at best controversial can excite them like bigots of middle ages and make them gullible enough to swallow lies against the Ashram, as if the Trustees were not devotees, then what hope is there?”…

He was shocked when these people went to the court against the Ashram Trust, with the book as a pretext. He was shocked when these people went on character assassination of those who were in the Ashram administration. He was shocked that they would mobilise crowds who had never read the book sign petitions and make them sit in dharna before an institution that for him was the most harmonious and beautiful institution in the world. It was clear that the motive of these people was dangerously deceptive…

He believes that no reader, if he reads the whole book, will feel unrewarded, despite its defects. He also said that what he sees as defects may be a certain approach the writer had taken. He also told us that the writer’s contribution to the building up of the Ashram archives was commendable…

Read the entire letter at Well-wishers of Sri Aurobindo Ashram.
There is also a Part 2.

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