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The sad and frivolous case of “Dr” Radhikaranjan Das

Our fellow bloggers at Well-wishers of Sri Aurobindo Ashram have just published an informative peace on Radhikaranjan Das, a “poor victim” of the Ashram school’s administration according to the central hub of lies about The Lives of Sri Aurobindo. In view of the fact that (as we are told by Sraddhalu’s mouth-piece Sridharan) the Puducherry Court has granted an interim injunction restraining the Ashram Trustees from “disturbing and stopping Dr. Radhikaranjan’s Sanskrit and Biology classes”, we recommend to our readers that they inform themselves about some of the topics discussed in Radhikaranjan’s classes, which include, but are not limited to,

  • Using tarot cards to recount the future of the personal lives of his adolescent pupils, telling them who will be more or less successful in life, even more or less wealthy.
  • Looking into the future of the lives of others, such that of the school’s registrar, whom he despises, and tell his young pupils when the registrar is going to decease.
  • Recounting the horror stories of ghosts, murders, armed burglaries, etc., that he has written and published.
  • Promoting his extreme religio-political propaganda to his innocent pupils.

In view of the facts revealed by our fellow bloggers, it boggles the mind to read in Sridharan’s hate-post that

the teachers are disciples who practise the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo through their work of instructing the students in various disciplines.

Radhikaranjan fits the bill, right?

To think that in this very School (where every action should have spiritual considerations), the present Registrar cum Managing Trustee … had to stoop so low that an aggrieved teacher had to approach the Court for redress. What a shame!

What a shame indeed that a teacher in this very School could stoop as low as “Dr” Radhikaranjan Das. But then registering frivolous court cases has always been the preferred modus operandi of this bigoted clique headed by Sraddhalu Ranade, Alok Pandey, and a gaggle of Reddys. In fact, Radhikaranjan’s outrageous post that started the whole affair was deliberately designed to create another opportunity for filing a frivolous case, since no principal of any school (or CEO of any company) can be expected to tolerate this kind of behavior from a teacher (or employee). The Sraddhalunatics must be glad to have found someone stupid enough to be the sacrificial lamb.

Incidentally, it seems that they cannot even count to two:

how not to count to two

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