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Democracy sans politics? My foot!

On June 15, 2012, the central hub of lies about The Lives of Sri Aurobindo (“committed to objective, academic, respectful and honest discussions” though in reality anything but) published a piece by “Aspirant”.

Let us stop right here to reflect on what this self-proclaimed aspirant might be aspiring to. He (rather than she, we presume) speaks of an “aspiration for a better organizational structure” and “our aspirations for better administrative policies”. Could this be spiritual aspirations? Evidently not, since further down in his rambling screed he speaks rather unfavorably of the current “aspiring busybodies”.

Sri Aspirant thus is confused about the meaning of “aspiration” or, rather, he tries to befuddle his readers about the same. When he piously invokes a formula that has grown stale by mindless overuse — “If there is a sincere aspiration in most of us, the Mother will guide us” — he tries to create the impression that he is talking about spiritual aspirations. The sycophants of the Grandmasters of Deception (S. Ranade and A. Pandey) will surely fall for this con, as they are used to encounter the A word in the writings of Sri Aurobindo and in the talks and writings of the Mother, where it invariably has a spiritual connotation. But the real meaning of his A word is nothing but plain old ambition or desire.

Sri A-word decries

the misconception that the more powerful a position one occupies the higher or better his service to the Ashram is.

So would Dr. Pandey Monium, who, in view of the uncanny resemblance of their rambling and self-contradictory writing styles, might well be identical with Sri A word. The good Doctor nevertheless shares said misconception, for his “enthusiasm towards work obviously lies in [his] seeking to enlarge [his] power base” by (a) making all the right moves to succeed the present head of “our” Dispensary (see this and subsequent comments) and (b) making all the right moves to be seen by the gullible and manipulable masses in the Ashram and outside as a leading exponent of Aurobindonian lore (see here).

Sri A-word goes on to conjecture that

the whole issue of Peter’s book has come about to highlight the declining values here which many of us have been gradually getting accustomed to.

One may beg to differ, surmising instead that the issue has come about to highlight the steady degeneration of a spiritual community or institution into yet another bastion of religious bigotry.

Sri A-word opines that

in a spiritual organization, the ideal is that the top organizers are people who did not try to or care about being the leaders but happen to do it because the karma has come to them.

How does one recognize “the karma” when it knocks at one’s door? Here our Master of Deception conceals his ambition by calling it not aspiration but karma.

Having made a certain assumption, he claims that

if this assumption were not true, there is no raison d’etre for this Ashram.

What the H word does Sri A-word know about the raison d’être of the Ashram? One cannot but think of the following reply the Mother once gave to another “defender of the Truth” (they appear to come by the dozen):

Were Truth to manifest in such a way as to be seen and understood by all, they would be terrified by the enormity of their ignorance and false interpretation.

He goes on to muse:

If the assumption is true, then a collective will of the Ashram, exercised in a serious matter, cannot go totally astray.

Here Sri A-word counts on the gullibility and manipulability of the great unwashed, which, when “exercised in a serious matter”, will certainly align the “collective will of the Ashram” with his own ambitions. He further muses that

as a collective will they are less likely to commit blunders than as individuals.

That’s news indeed. We were under the (apparently false) impression that both Sri Aurobindo and the Mother had made it abundantly clear that a collective level of consciousness always falls well below the level accessible to an individual.

The typical Ashramite needs to be reassured [make this: demagogued into believing] that there is no personal agenda, that there can be democracy without politics.

We are not making this up! Apparently Sri A is ignorant of the meaning of politics, or of democracy, or (most likely) of both.

It would take a while to convince [make this: brainwash] the typical Ashramite in these matters, but it must be done before his choices are asked for.


Only after such a preparation [make this: brainwashing], an initial ballot may be taken to find out if the majority of Ashramites want a change.

Our readers are invited to regale themselves with imaginary scenarios featuring candidates promising Gujarati food to the Gujaratis, Bengali food to the Bengalis…. You get the picture.

For a more detailed, annotated response to the Aspirant’s screed, please visit this post by our fellow-bloggers at Well-wishers of Sri Aurobindo Ashram.

  1. Som
    June 21, 2012 at 4:45 pm

    Fortunately, for those of us who have belonged to the Aurobindonian collective for decades, the dramatic appearance of self-styled Aspirants such as Dr. Alok Pandey amounts to nothing but a flash in the pan; some heat, theatrics usually accompanied by a stink that sooner than later burns itself out and gets blown over. We are all too familiar with such self-appointed, “spiritual Aspirants” whose ambition and arrogance – in whichever form these may be disguised – are their own undoing. All we can do is to witness these characters in bewilderment as they script their own demise.

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