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Who is going to get stung by this “sting operation”?

The latest spam email from the “General Editor” of the central distribution hub of lies about The Lives of Sri Aurobindo, about Peter Heehs, and about the Ashram Trustees contains the following libellous statement:

About the same time that the Heehs controversy was brewing in 2008, the CNN-IBN news channel had carried out a bold sting operation on the Trustees of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust and on Manoj Das Gupta (Managing Trustee) in particular. Senior journalists of CNN-IBN posing as businessmen setting up a holiday resort in Pondicherry met with Manoj Das Gupta at his residence one evening and secretly videoed their interaction with him. They allegedly recorded Manoj Das Gupta receiving cash bribes for favours…

Alleged by whom? Solely by the author of this rant.

…the program was cancelled without giving any reasons. No explanation has been forthcoming to this day. Will CNN-IBN shed light on this?

If CNN-IBN wanted to shed light on this, they could cite from a considerable number of letters they received from Ashramites and well-wishers around the world while the promotional feature for the program was aired. Those letters which have come to our notice pointed out that the three persons who appeared in the promo all bore grudges against the Ashram for having been expelled from or refused admission into the Ashram for dishonest behaviour. Since they had good reasons to tell lies, it was surprising (to say the least) that CNN-IBN did not cross-check their information. (“Like anywhere else you will find crack heads and story tellers in the Pondicherry Ashram. If you decide to listen to them how about double checking with the mentally sane individuals?”)

The persons interviewed in the promo are:

1) Annapurna: The Ashram refused to accept her as an inmate for various reasons, among them her dubious reputation for borrowings which were never returned. She was not allowed to continue to render free service at the samadhi because she was disturbing the work there. Having quarreled with a senior member of the Ashram and served a legal notice on her, she wanted the Trustees to support her on this, which they obviously refused to do. She has given false witness in court against the Ashram.

2) Kamal Dora: He is an ex-inmate of the Ashram who was expelled for various disciplinary reasons. His case went right up to the Supreme Court, where it was dismissed. In his capacity of “president” of the self-styled “Beneficiaries’ Association” he has been circulating pamphlets and petitions with numerous false allegations.

3) Sunil Sachraj: He is an Ashram-school drop-out now holding a Canadian passport. He was refused the financial guarantee from the Ashram required for visa purposes in India, owing to his dubious activities here, such as following foreign women tourists visiting the Samadhi. He appeared as a false witness in the Savitri case at Calcutta, which has been thereafter dismissed.

  1. paulette
    May 2, 2012 at 9:17 pm

    That “Senior journalists of CNN-IBN” have interviewed someone like Sunil leaves me spellbound. The fellow has been abundantly trashed in Mohapatra’s blog “Savitri Era Open Forum”, and not just because of his rants and tirades (in most pitiable English, apropos of dropouts…). A reader wrote, “Hi Sunil, don’t bother refuting allegations of your infamous womanizing. You are just too famous in these parts.” And another, “Where are you hiding nowadays? Have you fled India? Your misdeeds are indeed well-documented and as you must be knowing given your notorious background, if these are made public you will not be left with even cyberspace to hide.”

    Sunil was stationed all the time inside the ashram compound for the reason above, so many ashramites warned me! Besides, Sunil has been declared “persona non grata” by the Matrimandir welcome group; a member wrote to me, regarding a second incident during the dawn fire, “I remember this fellow now. He actually got up to take photos of himself and another man with him while people were still sitting in meditation. He was very abusive.” Besides putting his hands on an ex Ashram student, who in Savitri Bhavan conducts study groups on Integral Yoga…

    Thanks to Nandhivarman for posting in his blog the photo of our Don Juan’s, which I forward to the Matrimandir access group for identification, along with the new information.

    Well, if these are the CNN-IBN’s sources, no wonder that they have withdrawn the whole lot!


  2. Ajay
    May 4, 2012 at 12:52 pm

    All roads and ills lead to the SAS (Sri Aurobindo Society). Sunil Sachraj is a known faithful henchman of the SAS. If creeps like Sunil, the Bhattacharyas, Alok Pandey, Sraddhalu Ranade, etc., etc., exist it is because they are bred, nurtured and encouraged by the SAS.

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