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Sraddhalu Ranade’s anti-West Rant

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Those who had any doubts about Sraddhalu Ranade’s anti-Westerner sentiments in his hateful and vindictive pursuit of Peter Heehs’ expulsion from the Sri Aurobindo Ashram (SAA) as well as from India, can now put their doubts to rest after his public outburst and anti-Western rant on his website “thelivesofsriaurobindo.com”.

For, it is now evident that Sraddhalu Ranade who uses Human Unity and Global Oneness as a mere commodity that helps him earn airline miles and pockets-full of funds, cares little about the values he preaches during his lecture tours.

In fact, Sraddhalu Ranade believes that “Western” Aurovillains have no sense of justice or ethics as he accuses them of blind favoritism. Therefore Sraddhalu Ranade exclaims:

“So after all, the WC members [Working Committee members of Auroville] (who are mostly Westerners) are basically supporting another Westerner!”

and a little later he accuses “Westerners” in Auroville of being chauvinistic and of having colonial attitudes:

“I would like to remind these Westerners not to take such chauvinistic positions…”


“Or … are [Indians who are] overly tolerant of the whims and fancies of Westerners who have still not got over their colonial hangover…”

However, if Sraddhalu Ranade had limited his outburst to an anti-Westerner rant against those “Western” Aurovillains who have touched him where it pinches him most – his propaganda and money-making activities – one might have forgiven him for letting himself get a little carried away.

But, when Sraddhalu Ranade ups the ante and threatens the Westerners in Auroville by instigating the Indians against the Western population and rumbles:

“…for one day or the other, the tide will turn and the docile Indians will rise up en masse, and then it will be too late to lisp beautiful quotations of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother on world unity.”

it becomes evident that Sraddhalu Ranade has no inclination to bring about any form of Unity or Oneness, but will instead go to any extent, even manufacture and instigate cultural and racial divisions in order to execute and achieve his personal agendas.

Sraddhalu Ranade has already invested heavily in trying to create divisions in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram. Is he now planning to expand his divisive activities in Auroville too?

  1. PFA
    April 6, 2012 at 1:12 pm

    In Sraddhalu Ranade’s letter to Dr. Karan Singh dated 23rd January 2012, he levels some very serious accusations against Auroville which are evidently untrue. But Sraddhalu Ranade charges Auroville of acting against State and Central Governments as well as against National Interest and Security. You can imagine what this implies to all the “Westerners” whose visas depend on the Indian Government’s goodwill!

    Here are some of the passages in Sraddhalu Ranade’s letter where he makes some of these very serious charges:

    “3. …The SAIIER Board [of Auroville]… has chosen to side itself against the… national security interests of theGovernment of India.”

    “5. Nevertheless SAIIER Board’s public stance … against… National interests is problematic…”

    “6. I write this to you… to ensure that Auroville and its institutions are not misused in this manner. … Otherwise the views of SAIIER Board will be misconstrued ..of…involving your implicit sanction and approval, and will be filed in the Courts tomorrow…”

    “9. …The SAIIER Board’s one‐sided stance [is] inimical to… National interests…”

    “17. But of late, it appears that covert campaigns are being organized which misuse Auroville‐related institutions … in order to support …anti‐national …activities.”

    Page. 6, last paragraph:
    “… The latest note by the SAIIER Board seems to be similarly intended and is carefully worded … in support of … anti‐national activities.”

    18. In their result… Auroville and allied institutions are being misused by interested parties to oppose and undermine the efforts of the Central and StateGovernments to protect national security interests …”

    “19. Dr Karan Singhji,… you cannot remain silent any more in the face of the SAIIER Board’s latest formal statements [which SraddhaluRanade alleges that Dr. Karan Singh knowingly supports “vested interests [who] are misusing Auroville and allied institutionsfor promoting anti‐national … activities.”]

    “20. …the SAIIER Board’s letter represents a gross misuse of Auroville Foundation’s name and resources.”

    “21. I can only request or suggest some steps that you could take:
    · …declare your support for the State and Central Governments’ actions to protect national security interests.”

    Sraddhalu Ranade’s letter to Dr. Karan Singh is an open declaration of war against Auroville. Auroville should not take this lightly.

    Any “Westerner” who displeases Sraddhalu Ranade will suddenly find that he is being accused of being a National Threat because Sraddhalu Ranade will write to the Home Ministry for cancellation of that person’s visa.


  2. Nicolas Flamel
    April 6, 2012 at 4:24 pm

    “Sraddhalu Ranade has already invested heavily in trying to create divisions in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram. Is he now planning to expand his divisive activities in Auroville too?”

    Good! Ashram and Auroville are in the same boat now. What was divided by Nava is reunited by Nava’s spiritual son, Sraddhalu Ranade.

    But how long will Auroville keep playing the Sleeping Beauty part? Is the Sweet Princess waiting for the Prince Charming’s kiss?
    She might get instead the Rattlesnake Ranade’s deadly bite!

    There is a Wicked Fairy who is more than willing to introduce the poisonous monster into the King’s Palace….

  3. Mirra grover
    May 5, 2012 at 8:22 pm

    Ha Ha..good one! a very apt name for SR…Well Mr Ranade..ur time has run out..you can never be a leader in the aurobindo ashram because u just don’t deserve it..ur self centered attitude can only take u and your two main cronies into a deep abyss but the best part would be that the world and the ahram would be safe..

  4. Ex Naive Auro- bindonian
    May 13, 2012 at 5:09 pm

    SR reminds me of another self appointed religious minded lecturer who shrunk away from Western freedom after visiting in the USA: Sayyid Qutb.

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