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Hindustan Times: Don’t expel US historian, govt told

Hindustan Times logoIYF has this interesting addendum to Gautam Chikermane’s article in the Hindustan Times, which is presently spreading through the blogosphere:

The question about the relationship between Sri Aurobindo and the Mother is only one of dozens of objections raised by that handful of religious fundamentalists; it is not even mentioned in the Orissa Gazette Notification. It is, however, what appears to produce the most visceral effect in the public, for reasons we fail to understand. Heehs made it perfectly clear that there was no sexual element at all in this relationship. On the contrary, what he wrote underscores its profoundly sacred nature. Only readers with a serious Freudian hang-up can fail to see this. Moreover, we are aware that Minister Jairam Ramesh has read and greatly appreciated The Lives of Sri Aurobindo. He has written Heehs privately about this and also mentioned it in his letter to the Home Minister. We regret that the writer of this otherwise excellent report did not quote from JR’s letter the positive comments about the book, along with the lines relating to the larger issue of freedom of expression. — Editors, IYF.

  1. Parvati
    April 1, 2012 at 3:49 pm

    “Heehs made it perfectly clear that there was no sexual element at all in this relationship.”

    So what if there was?

    The Mother & Sri Aurobindo are our BELOVED MASTERS. What they did or didn’t with their bodies is none of our business. We are in no way concerned by their real or imaginary sex life, nor by the absence of it. AVATARS TOO HAVE A RIGHT TO PRIVACY. Even for PH’s defence, this issue is totally IRRELEVANT.

    Our Brahmins descend from our Rishis. It means that the Rishis were sexually active. Does this detail make them unworthy of being our Rishis? The Mother gave birth to a son. Should we believe that an angel come to Her, that Monsieur Andre was conceived by some Holy Ghost, that the Mother was still a virgin when She gave birth?

    We are becoming worse than the Christians, more puritanistic and hypocrit than them. SHAME ON US!


  2. Baji Prabhou
    April 5, 2012 at 4:38 pm

    The French have a say: “If you want to get rid of your dog, just say that it has got rabies”. The religious fundamentalists want PH’s skin. They are determined. Anything done, said or written by him or his friends is bound to be interpreted and used against him as a pretext for endless persecutions.

    There is no point arguing, discussing, debating, defending his book, his intents, his reputation as a man or a scholar. It’s no use.

    We have to get organised, to resist, to battle, to strike back. These people aim at destruction. They enjoy bullying, hurting, torturing. They delight in inflicting agony. They are like Fascists and Nazis. They have to be dealt with like they treat others, without mercy.

    “It is noble to pardon thine own injurers, but not so noble to pardon wrongs done to others. Nevertheless pardon these too, but when needful, calmly avenge.” SRI AUROBINDO

    We shall be calm!

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