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Those who get upset by these things are worse

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(Source: Sidelights On The Mother by M. P. Pandit, pp 10–11, Second Edition, DIPTI Publications, Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry, 1976)

A sadhak who was behaving erratically asked a young boy to shout “Bogus Ma Ki Jai” — “Victory to the false Mother.”

Someone reported this to Mother and suggested that the sadhak might be sent away. Mother heard everything and remarked that it had proved good with some who were sent away. But one could not be sure that it would be so with all. Besides, she asked why he was to be sent away.

“He speaks against you and this upsets us.”

Mother: Those who get upset by these things are worse.

She refused to take action against him. Not only that, but later when he was declared a patient of T.B. and the doctor was against receiving him back from the sanatorium, Mother insisted on making proper arrangements for his care. And he lived on as a sound sadhak for years after medical opinion had written him off.

  1. Auro Freaks
    May 6, 2012 at 12:29 pm

    Why dost thou recoil from a mask? Behind its odious, grotesque or terrible seemings Krishna laughs at thy foolish anger, thy more foolish scorn or loathing and thy most foolish terror.

    When thou findest thyself scorning another, look then at thy own heart and laugh at thy folly.

    — Sri Aurobindo, Essays Divine and Human, pages 462-3

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