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A tale of two Ashramites

February 4, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

In regard to the letter of Shri Kittu Reddy dated 28-1-12 Sub: Show Cause Notice Dt. 20 January, 2012, reproduced on TNM’s Savitri Era website as “Kittu Reddy Episode”, we have interviewed a senior sadhak who has provided us with the following information:

1. Once, sometime around 1946, Kittu Reddy and Manoj Das Gupta were playing together in the playground.

2. Kittu got some sand in his eye.

3. He blamed it on Manoj.

4. Manoj didn’t really believe it was his fault, but in the end he said he was sorry.

5. Kittu wasn’t happy and told the whole story to the person looking after the playground.

6. That person told Kittu to grow up.

7. Kittu has never forgiven Manoj.

8. Sixty-six years later Kittu told the whole story to the Hindu, marking a copy of his statement to the relevant Police Authorities of Pondicherry. In his statement he noted that the playground incident marked the beginning of Manoj’s long record of physical coercion and violence.

Sworn before us in Pondicherry this first of February 2012.

cc: IPG, DIG, GOI, UNO, ICJ, etc. etc.

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