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A letter to Dr. Alok Pandey

January 12, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

This letter was posted to the SAICE Yahoo Group.


You are free to insult whoever you wish, but I think that when you insult the intelligence of the products of the SAICE as well as other members that belong to this forum, don’t be surprised to get treated to a few cold showers in addition to not being taken seriously on the SYG.

Additionally, instead of repeatedly beating around the bush and flooding us with the incomprehensible (because meaningless?) gibberish of incomplete sentences – that you probably hope sound poetic and “spiritual” – why don’t you answer to the simplest of questions and clarifications that are asked to you and provide the relevant FACTS instead of drowning us with your opinions?

You had been asked the simplest of questions/clarifications, namely where is the reference which provides the basis for your serious accusations and allegations. Mind you, YOU have said it clearly, boldly and unambiguously that the Trust had BETRAYED the Master thrice!!! Others on this forum have also pointed out and reminded you that this reference is significant. But we have not even reached up to the second betrayal and you already evade this first question and escape?

Now, if you have any sense of proportion or discernment you would have realized that the accusations that you are making are VERY SERIOUS and you have chosen to declare so on a public forum. Had it been made when you were drinking tea in the comfort of your cosy home with those persons who had accepted your invitation to share the cup of tea, I really could not have cared less.

But having done so publicly and on this forum, and moreover having vaunted (once again publicly of course) that you are ready for any debate to prove your point be it in the Playground , or Hall of Harmony or Theater or wherever, all that was asked of you was that since there is a specific direction from The Mother (which according to you exists!!!) and which the Trust according to you has violated, it is your moral duty and responsibility to give us the specific references on which you supposedly base your arguments. And whether you like it or not all your arguments will remain incomprehensible gibberish till you substantiate your claims and accusations, because your arguments flow from these very premises.

Whether you decide and choose to come clean and announce openly and unambiguously whether you have these facts or not, is entirely up to you. But in the absence of a clear, direct answer from you, one is left with no choice but to conclude that some of your imaginations are very active and moreover, having been given all the opportunities possible to justify your accusations, you still continue to keep insulting and attacking some of the very senior persons in the most despicable way WITHOUT any basis.

What’s really baffling is that this is so simple: because if you have the reference give it, and if you do not have it, just say so, instead of going endlessly around in circles. After that whether you apologize to those whom you have been falsely accusing or do not even show the courtesy of an apology that is another matter altogether with which I shall not be concerned with.

If your inner being knows the meaning of accountability, responsibility, integrity, credibility, etc., your actions will show it. Right now what we can all clearly see is that the thing which you call your swadharma is unambiguously driven by a Peterophobia that seems to haunt you and drives you in a most irrational, unreasonable and unintelligible manner. It is no wonder then that it has so far been impossible to maintain an open, reasonable and decent discussion under such circumstances.



P.S. If some members on this forum believe that it is more worthwhile to talk about and deal with more mundane things like for example the hike in onion prices, rather than dealing with those who recklessly insult and attack our institution and ask them for some accountability, please let me know and I will reconsider my participation in such matters.

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